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摘要:可是,正是那般个简单的事,如今以至被伦敦时报给盯上了……  After reading The Creative Spirit by Dan Goleman, Paul Kaufman andMichael Roy, which considers creative spirit is very important andsurveillance, evaluat


 After reading The Creative Spirit by Dan Goleman, Paul Kaufman and Michael Roy, which considers creative spirit is very important and surveillance, evaluation, rewards, competition, over-control, restricting choice and pressure might be creativity killers and “flow” is the key supporter, creativity has been one of keywords to my thinking. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior and The Tiger Mother Responds to Readers compare types of education between western and eastern. Western parents often prefer to “freestyle” while eastern parents, take the example of Chinese parents, often prefer to “strict-style” which means good grades and no outing. Therefore, some regard “Chinese-style” as creativity killer for that consists of surveillance, evaluation, competition, over-control and restricting choice, of course, children feel under pressure and unhappy.

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I do agree with the philosophy of children don’t choose their parents and they don’t even choose to be born which comes from the west. Further more, I don’t think parents owe their children and vice versa. Everyone is an individuality and everyone is the only person should be responsible for their own. Parents cannot give children a promising future and that is not one of parents’ duties. There should be some kind of mutual faith between parents and children. Parents believe children are individualities and independent and let them choose their own life. Children believe parents are come from good will and they must believe in themselves because good will cannot promise a good result. For-your-sake, which is what parents usually say, may be the Big Brother and finally kill the creativity.

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Let me quote those words from Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior, “everyone is special in their special own way…even losers are special in their own special way”, ruthless and faultless. Life is not a win-or-lose game. Don’t get me wrong, sense of achievement after winning can be one of the roots of happiness. Creativity does not have relation to success or usefulness but to being happy and never quit doubting or challenging.

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Believe in children and see what individualities they will be, they might not be as creative as Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs, but at least, they will be as happy as what individualities can be.

Parenting is a job that occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the day the baby is born until the day they…well, until forever. A parent’s job is never done. Parents aren’t always teaching their children things directly and by design either. Sure, parents teach children to tie their shoes and help them learn their letters and numbers and other academic things. Parents may choose to teach their children about their religion or their favorite TV show or book. Children don’t always learn only when parents intend

下季度,天津高校继续为各位老人备好了慈祥帐蓬, 搭建了“温馨小家”,免费提供住宿、洗浴、饮用水、中央空调等。

to teach them, however. In fact, some of the most important lessons that your children are learning about life might actually happen while you are doing things other than parenting。




Children learn how you handle stress, anxiety, and frustration. When you are upset, if you yell and scream, children see this, even if the yelling and screaming isn’t directed at them. Parents who are high strung may raise children that are high strung as well. Of course, if you suppress youremotions, your children learn from that, too. Remembering that little eyes are always watching is really important for parents. Express anger, frustration, and anxiety. But work on doing it in constructive ways and helping your child understand what you are feeling when things come along that cause problems。

虚构到那点,天天津大学学从二零一一年起,每年大学一年级开课时都会在球馆希图相当多顶帐篷,还布置了中央空调养洗浴等设备,让没订商旅的双亲们也是有地点住, 能够中距离陪伴子女入学。


可是,正是如此个人贴又暖心的守旧,近些日子还是被美利坚合营国享誉媒体《London时报》 给盯上了。

Children learn from watching their parents interact with one another. How do you and your spouse or significant other interact with one another? Who makes the decisions? Do disagreements always end in raised voices and tears? Is respect demonstrated on a daily basis? Do your children see you and your spouse being affectionate


with one another? These questions are important in helping your child shape their own ideas about what relationships and marriage should be like. Model for your child the type of relationship or marriage that you would like for them to be involved in one day. Don’t feel like children should never see their parents disagree, or that you can’t express displeasure with your significant other. However, do remember that your children are watching and your relationship may be the standard to which they compare their own future relationships. Are you and your spouse setting the example you want them to learn from?




Children learn what’s the most important to their parents. You may just think that you are sitting down to send a few emails, but if your child asks for your attention and you ask them to hold on, they’ve learned something from this interaction. If your child sees you and your spouse sitting down in front of the television every night and not communicating, they’ve learned something from that, too. On the other hand, if your children see you hiring a babysitter so you and your spouse can go out on a date, they’ve learned that you both value your relationship and making time for one another. If you decide not to worry about cleaning the bathroom and play a game of Chutes and Ladders instead, they’ve learned that they are more important to you than a clean house. Of course, you can’t be expected to be at your child’s beckoned call every day. But remember that your children learn about what matters most to you by what you do, not what you say。

The parents came bearing bags of sunflower seeds, Hello Kitty backpacks stuffed with toilet paper and unsolicited advice on a variety of topics:the acceptable price of steamed dumplings ,the most lucrative college majors (engineering was a favorite) andthe appropriateness of dating (best to be avoided while studying).


老大家带着一袋袋的瓜子,Hello Kitty双肩包里塞满厕纸,还应该有各种不请自来的忠告:基本上能用的蒸饺价格 、最赚钱的大学专门的学业 、能还是不可能谈朋友 。

What did you teach your child today? You may be surprised to learn that it was much more than you realized. Parents have to remember that little eyes are always watching, and some of the most important lessons children learn about life might actually happen while they are doing things other than parenting。

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When Yang Zheyu arrived at Tianjin University this fall for the start of his first year, he had all the essentials. Winter coat. Dictionary. Four pairs of shoes. Toothpaste.


And a few hundred yards from his dormitory, in a cobalt-blue tent set up on the floor of a gymnasium, he hadhis mother at his beck and call, ready to bring him bowls of instant noodles, buy him soap and scrub the floor of his new room.

在离开宿舍几百米远的地点,他的生母在 体育地方板上搭的一个钴藏青帐蓬里待命,随时筹算给他送干脆面,给她买肥皂,为她的新房间擦地。


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